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What Our Clients Say

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I couldn’t be happier with the transport you did. It was great and your courier was amazing. Thank you for your great service and I will continue to refer friends and family to you all.

Betty Finsen

Our courier for this job was excellent. She was on time, and was kind and professional. She went above and beyond to give us an excellent experience. In my opinion, she was of the best couriers we’ve had in a while.

Ann 36

Great experience with this company I have used many others in Maidstone but this was by far the best you guys made our life so easy. Great customer service, wonderful drivers and by far the best and most affordable courier company I have used. Thank you soo much!


Our courier was the best we could ask for. I had packed the wrong passport for my husband (mine and not his) and he managed to get it just in time for him to check in. He deserves recognition for his commitment to work.

Henry Smith

I booked Find a Courier to pick up my bags from the airport as I had just got back from a long trip in Germany, was very tired and had to attend a meeting in London. The courier was on time, took my bags home and I had no problems at all. Great service!

Kevin Foster

This is the best service I have had so far. The courier was punctual and very helpful, he knew how to handle our goods carefully. His skills helped avoid any possible damages to our very fragile goods. I will recommend Find a Courier to all my clients!

Mitch Michael