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Reliable Pallet Delivery Couriers

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Reliable pallet delivery couriers

Reliable pallet delivery couriers

Pallet delivery

Get a quote for a pallet delivery service today and we will collect and deliver it anywhere in the United Kingdom on the same day. Most businesses big or small send pallets to each other. This is known as B2B transportation and is the most popular service requested on our platform. If your consignment is urgent, valuable and important to you then we are the right company to deliver your goods.

Secured and delivered directly

Pallet sizes

Pallet sizes

Your goods will be collected, secured and delivered directly to their destination on a dedicated van or lorry by our fully insured courier.

All this can be done while you track the status of your delivery from wherever you are. If you are not sure about the size of your shipment our guidelines below will assist you book the right van for your job or you can call our experienced staff for help.

Luton Van with tail lift

Customers that do not have access to a forklift should request a vehicle with a tail lift when making a booking so that we can send out the correct vehicle. Please note, for a tail lift this is to a maximum 500kg weight per pallet on pickup or delivery.

Our extensive national network of courier partners enables us to provide first-rate ground transportation of any size all over the UK.

Pallet SizeDimensions inMax weight in kg
Mini quarter palletMini Quarter Pallet120 x 100 x 60150kg
Quarter PalletQuarter120 x 100 x 80250kg
Half palletHalf Pallet120 x 100 x 110500kg
Full light PalletLight Pallet120 x 100 x 220750kg
Full PalletFull Pallet120 x 100 x 2201000kg